Commenter Mitchell alerted me to Vichy’s abandoning electronic communication for arboreal primitivism. Au revoir!

A little later I found that Ilkka Kokkarinen has ended his year-and-a-couple-months vacation. I haven’t read any of his posts since (who’s in charge of letting us know when absent bloggers return?) and complained about how much better 16 Volts was before he left, but welcome back anyway.

UPDATE: The first thing I have to share with you that I found from one of his new(er) posts is a fisking of Aristotle.

UPDATE 2: For a while I had wanted to fit this from the Economist on how superior math courses are into a post, but wanted more to go with it. Ilkka provides. I probably do read and enjoy a lot of unmathed writers, but its suspicious that even a number-light one like Unqualified Offerings/Highclearing is written by two physics professors. I broke out some of my rusty discrete math (ick) and maxima-finding (hooray!) tools here.