Have you tried it yet? Take a YouTube video and turn it into an mp3.

I’ve already done so with a lecture by behavioral economist and game theorist Herbert Gintis. Gintis has some great data on the more reliably altruistic behavior of non-western tribes (tribes, mind you), but also their dark side, as expressed by ‘strong reciprocity,’ or the tendency to take revenge for perceived injustice often at great personal cost. From what I can infer, western individuals will more often act narrowly self-interested in anonymous (because anonymity is even possible?) trade experiments, but also abstain from a downward of spiral of tit-for-tat vengeance behaviors.

I’ve also been able to add poorly executed yet charming African-cum-Australian hip hop by a fella named “Bangs” to my generic mp3 player with the help of Dirpy. (He only wishes to take his lady to the movies and feed her popcorn, likely the coolest thing one can possibly do on a date in Sudan…but not Australia; then again he’s only 19.)