I liked this comment from Andrew Gelman:

there’s a tension between (a) wanting to believe that people who disagree with us aren’t so smart or successful and (b) wanting to believe that our opponents are successful because of external factors such as wealth, social status, and rhetorical ability. Liberals as well as conservatives can be torn, I think, between (a) thinking of their political opponents as pitiful losers, and (b) resenting the other side for having all sorts of unearned advantages.

It reminded me of an earlier discussion regarding Tomislav Sunic, who offended some Nordicists when he suggested Mediteraneans are closer to the ideal male type. As I noted, everyone seems to think they themselves represent the happy medium, even an “extremist” like Lawrence Auster. I’ll add this also applies to libertarians who view themselves as borrowing a little from the left and a little from the right. Those radicals who thoroughly reject the left & right for what they see as their own orthogonal position are of course going to prize ideological purity & independence. As Charles Murray noted regarding who wants to be an elephant, sometimes groups agree on traits they ascribe to each other but apply different connotations. Yuri Slezkine writes that of Mercurians and Apollonians in “The Jewish Century”. A caution for accepting as true such areas of overlap, the same phenomena was observed with the Rattlers & Eagles in the Robber’s Cave experiment.

Unrelated to those posts but related to an earlier discussion on the decline of SNL, Fabio Rojas at orgtheory wonders how such a crappy show survived so long and declares it fits in the “garbage can model” of organization. I have to say, I missed out on the golden era of Mad TV he refers to, it was always the inferior imitation when I watched and I hadn’t even realized it was gone.

Unrelated even to that, Adam Ozimek finds evidence supporting the revealed preference camp over the behavioral economics crowd on high interest loans. I’ve always been a big fan of revealed preference (foot-vote anyone?), so kudos to him. If he ever reports evidence against it I will virulently denounce him.