A while back I wrote a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of Mencius Moldbug as Straussian proponent of Islam. Independently, some other reactionary reading Mencius hit on the same thing. JC in a recent thread here highlighted IVoIIIoVI’s post Escaping the Decadence of Monotheism: Neo-Muhammadism and the Cuckoo Strategy, which I decided was worth putting on the front-page here.

On an unrelated note, in the post JC commented on I speculated on a possible return of the PAE blog. That wasn’t actually the blog I was originally thinking of when I decided to create that post, but when the time came to put virtual pen to virtual paper I forgot about Mixing Memory. I miss that site and hope the author didn’t die or something. He’d usually be the one to highlight this sort of thing.