Derek Currie recently alerted the good (or not so good, depending on your perspective) readers of Attack the System of a blog post of his on China. I new I had to share when he linked to a video of Chinese propaganda. Not generic “Mao was great, don’t spend so much time on the internet, nothing happened at Tiananmen Square, eat your vegetables” variety, but about Tibet and made by a little kid. Public opinion in the U.S is pretty one-sided in favor of Tibetan independence, with everyone else not caring. New York cops do sometimes beat up pro-Tibetan demonstrators, but they’re viewpoint neutral deliverers of beatdowns. Chris Hitchens is one of the few people to talk smack about the Dalai Lama, but he’s hard to take seriously for a number of reasons. If you read the mainstream media you’re already exposed to plenty of anti-China sentiment, how about sampling something completely different? Or not all that different, as Derek suggests.