Stale, I guess. Anyway, thanks to Leon Wieseltier’s egomania (Samantha Power rules the world indeed!), I came across this, which touches on both Tiananmen and Tibet. Kudos to Weiss for an admission against interest, though such tensions were glaringly obvious to me a while back.

Flynt Leverett briefly touched on Nixon’s halt of CIA activity in Tibet during his diavlog with Barbara Slavin, though it was mostly about Iran. A commenter referred to him as an “over the top realist”, which is the kind of insult you can hang on your wall. As I said there, I think the Leveretts have made fairly accurate predictions regarding Iran, but they are disliked because people don’t want to hear the truth.

UPDATE: For a while I’ve been asking for a good history of the Iranian Revolution. A bloggingheads reader recommends The Making of Iran’s Islamic Revolution by Mohsen Milani. If you’ve read it, tell us what you thought. If you haven’t and are interested in the subject, consider checking it out.