An anonymous commenter claimed that the Defense Department has been a province of the State Department ever since Frank Carlucci replaced Caspar Weinberger. I hadn’t heard of the former, so I looked him up and found that he’s accused of involvement in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. So I guess he can’t be all bad.

I remember trying to watch “Lumumba” the movie when Tyler Cowen linked to African Film Library. But they wanted me to pay for it, no thanks. Fortunately, some French Muslim communist[?] uploaded it here. To watch subsequent sections click the smaller video below and to the left.

Reading up on some of the history of decolonization in that period, I learned a few interesting things. For one, there were three Hungarians involved in the assassination attempt on Charles de Gaulle. For another, there were two different rebellions within the territory controlled by Japanese stooges the independent Indonesian Republic during the fight with Dutch forces. Not a completely unprecedented mixup, in 1927 China had three capitals. I haven’t heard much about the “Warlord era” there, and since Chiang Kai-shek revisionism is in vogue, I wonder if there’s a du Berrier to his Deng.