After returning Wolfgang Schivelbusch’s “The Culture of Defeat” (along with McCabe & Mrs Miller) yesterday, I picked up Richard Wrangham’s “Catching Fire”. I reviewed Wrangham’s “Demonic Males” here. The section on people who choose diets of raw foods reminded me of myself. I avoid cooked vegetables, particularly disliking their softness. I occasionally eat potatoes raw, which most people find weird. I actually prefer them baked, but even raw is better than mashed. Usually I’m too impatient to mike them thoroughly, so they’re merely warm when I eat them. I can’t say I eat raw meat very often (I was born in Minnesota, not Wisconsin!), but it’s the type of weird thing I’d do. I guess I’m just a philistine who doesn’t appreciate properly prepared food. On the other hand, I’m cuckoo for chicken, which Wrangham notes is fairly tender (not so much for fish, it tastes & smells like fish). I’ve eaten leftover chicken unheated a few times, though far more often I’d warm it up. Apples are noted for being one of the kinds of foods normally unheated, but it also occurred to me that I particularly dislike soft apples and don’t eat applesauce (juice is A-OK though). It can’t be simply the case that I dislike mush, because I’m fine with oatmeal. Refusing to give my digestive system a hand-up has done the trick of making me skinny, but honestly I’d prefer more insulation.

On a completely unrelated note, Publius Quinctilius Varus has put me on his blogroll and seems a smart sort with a good blog, so check it out.