There have been a number of interesting articles on psychiatry and the bogosity surrounding it recently, many of which are helpfully rounded up by Sailer here. The Rosenhan experiment gets a worthwhile mention in one article, but none of them see fit to mention Thomas Szasz (or Robyn Dawes or even R. D. Laing). Though not discussing psychiatry (and thus not actually meriting Szasz a mention) “Bayes” at GNXP states something like Caplan‘s economic framing of Szasz here.

This reminds me: it’s been a while since Sister Y had a new post. Did she finally attain negative bliss?
UPDATE: This morning I checked out Elain Showalter’s “Hysories” and none of the folks mentioned above are listed in the index. Also, a commenter with a silly pseudonym claims Sister Y is still afflicted with persistent vitality syndrome, which I take as authoritative.
UPDATE 2: I was sure I remembered Derbyshire mentioning Theodore Dalrymple in his linked article. But when I rechecked, I was wrong. Awful surprising, since they’re both conservative irreligious Englishmen published in the New English Review, and Dalrymple has written a number of books based on his experience as a mental-health professional as well as writing specifically on the pathologizing of unhappiness.