Frank Knight is one of those economists you hear referenced now and then but whose actual ideas aren’t discussed that often, partly because he failed to spawn any disciples. “Risk, Uncertainty and Profit” is widely available, but anyone familiar with Bayes-by-way-of-Jaynes will dismiss it. Knight’s Newschool page linked to “The Ethics of Competition”, (which was also the title of a book containing that essay), hosted by Ross Emmett at Augustana, but Emmett is no longer there and the essay did not move with him. Irritated that I couldn’t find it there or even at the Internet Archive, and figuring it had to exist somewhere where I wouldn’t have to pay for it, I spent months off-an-on searching for it. Lucky for me, some Mexican uploaded pdfs of Ross’ pages to a file hosting site, Google cached an automatically-generated html version of the pdfs and I was able copy that and clean up the html. I am now hosting them on my tripod site.
The Ethics of Competition
Ethics and the Economic Interpretation
I haven’t actually read either of these yet.

On an only slightly related note, the War Nerd interview mp3 takes up a lot of space, so I plan on deleting it. If you really want to have a copy, get while the getting is good.