Because whirled peas have less complexity (in Gell-Man’s sense of the term).

I originally wanted to make a post giving the Tea Party data Tom Schaller didn’t. But then I found that lack (but not his overinterpretation) must be blamed on the source, so the missing data will stay missed. Fortunately, Steve Sailer referenced a press release containing voting frequency and partisan preference for sports & general television watchers. He only presented the one for sports, so I present the general television one below. I hope I didn’t screw it up too much in MS Paint.Voters by program
Wordpress only lets me make the image so large when viewed from the post (at 175% it disappears), so you’ll have to click on it in order to read the (blurry) text in the even more scaled-up version.
UPDATE: Sailer is now showing a sweet graph by network. I notice that Spike TV is just barely right of center, which is interesting since it once had some crappy conservative comedy cartoon.
Voters by network