I know that the interwar Polish government was an authoritarian military junta. I’ve occasionally heard it described as fascist, although due more to surface characteristics than an explicit adherence to fascist ideology. In Pat Buchanan’s book on the “unnecessary war” he alternates between bashing the Polish government and praising them for their (foolish, in my view) decision never to surrender, and when doing the former certainly portrays them as bigoted & fascistic. Believe it or not, the Nazis actually used the mistreatment of ethnic minorities as a stick to beat both the Czechoslovakian & Polish governments under the disguise of a sort of “humanitarian intervention”. So that was my state of knowledge when I read (via the Monkeycage) this article on the recent plane crash which removed a large chunk of the current Polish leadership. A quote from there: “Poland faced a similar tragedy during the interwar period: the assassination of President Gabriel Narutowicz in 1922. His murder was the culmination of extensive right-wing propaganda against the president—and resulted indirectly in the military coup of 1926 and the rule of the colonels that ended Polish democracy.” Yes, the same sort of story we’ve heard about Allende or perhaps Rathenau and Erzberger. But then I read the wikipedia article on Narutowicz and found that it was his ally on the left, Marshal Józef Piłsudski, who was behind the May 1926 coup with the support of the Polish Socialist Party. Apparently things got worse after he died in 1935, but they say the same of Lenin.