Radley Balko’s post on L.A.P.D chief Daryl Gates got me thinking about this first, and then Steve’s recent essay nudged me into making this post. Back in the 90s as a schoolboy I was vaguely aware that there was some crop-picker named Cesar Chavez that proggles were trying to push as a mini-MLK figure, but it completely failed as Americans find Hispanics & the labor movement less interesting than blacks & the civil rights movement. Later on I heard that SWAT was originally formed in response to Chavez’ UFW, which surprised me. I hadn’t heard of them engaging in any activities that would inspire the use of SWAT (just the grape/raising boycott, I suppose because middle class white people could participate in solidarity). I’ve tried googling for accounts of what was going on back then, but haven’t found anything. So does anyone know what actual operations that original SWAT team undertook with regard to the UFW?

In a completely unrelated bleg, before my hard-drive failed I had a very long (I think more than half an hour) live version of Mountain’s “Nantucket Sleighride” on it. I can’t remember what album it was from. If it’s any help (since there are apparently a ton of them), I remember Leslie West(?) loudly sayig “Corky Laing” before the long drum solo. That makes me assume it wasn’t “Twin Peaks” or any other album from when Laing was gone, but maybe I’m wrong. Also, as an almost OCD tick, I decided I should have one song from each of the three famous lead guitarists in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. I’ve got “Hideaway” featuring Eric Clapton & “The Supernatural” with Peter Green, but don’t know which to choose with Mick Taylor. Recommendations welcome.