You don’t hear too much of that, perhaps because there aren’t many Iraqis around to engage in it and nobody cares about Kurds. Via Yglesias I found an old Timothy Noah piece at Slate on Jude Wanniski, who apparently did engage in such denial. From what little I knew about him, I was sympathetic to Wanniski. Both a well-known supply-sider and opposed to the Iraq War. Sort of like David Henderson I suppose (and though lots of commenters complain about him, he seems the most likable character at EconLog). Since the Gulf War went so successfully and Saddam was obviously an aggressor against Kuwait, far fewer people are given to criticizing it than Iraq War 2: With a Vengeance. A lot of Democrats learned the lesson not to oppose such things, and Al Gore’s support boosted his stature. Denierbud still complains about the role of the media in the run-up to the war and of course he engages in the more popular form of geocide denial, so maybe he’ll have something to say about Wanniski’s argument.