A while back I tried unsubscribing to the attackthesystem email list, because it was taking too much time to go through all the messages in my inbox. My attempts apparently had no effect, because I’m still going through them. The recent hubbub has been about how some protesters beat up some Bay Area National Anarchists for demonstrating in favor of Arizona’s immigration law (which seems an odd thing to demonstrate about outside of Arizona). The most recent message was a link to a post Andrew Yeoman made at Occidental Dissent. O.D used to be Odessa Syndicate, which was on my blogroll back when it was more interesting through it’s promotion of Stalin and Huxley’s “Brave New World” (actually, the movie “Equilibrium”, but same basic deal). But this is all just an intro to the actual topic of this post.

An entirely different contributor there, the anti-death penalty for rhetorical purposes Kievsky, was in previous posts referencing a documentary titled Hashmatsa, in English “Defamation”. The movie is about anti-semitism, and as might be expected from a movie appealing to the O.D crowd, it pooh-poohs much talk of it (or at least that’s what I infer). It was made by an Israeli (a former border officer who made a documentary about that) who says because he is one he has never experienced anti-semitism and so wants to learn about it. I’ve just watched the first clip in which he talk to his grandmother (who is in her 90s) and what’s funny is how, as he points out, all the stuff she says about diaspora Jews is classic anti-semitism! I think a critical theorist would term that “internalizing the hegemonic discourse” or something like that. A somewhat similar documentary is Craig Boedeker’s (Hanson & Swain semi-endorsed) “A Conversation About Race“. The difference is that Boedeker is a white nationalist pissing out rather than a group-member pissing in. I engage in the latter with respect to Irish-Americans here.

UPDATE: The Inductivist is reporting results from a MIDUS survey on discrimination. His posts so far are Frequency of discrimination, The social construction of racism, and More on discrimination. If he had actually mentioned “MIDUS” in each post or put them all in the same category I wouldn’t have to link individually.