I’ve pointed out Austin Bramwell’s list of books most influential on him before, but I’m doing so again because I found that two of them are available online. John Henry Newman’s “The Grammar of Assent” is at a site dedicated to him, and Chateubriand’s “The Genius of Christianity” is available at archive.org and google books. The latter also has it in the original French, in case you can read that. Joseph de Maistre’s St. Petersburg dialogues on theodicy were only completely translated into English in 1993. You can read it all in French (volume 1, volume 2) or English excerpts online.

I recently finished Joseph Schumpeter’s “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” and just picked up David Gress’ “From Plato to NATO”. Email me if you’d like a pdf copy of the former. Razib has name-checked the latter a number of times. Its author corresponds with Sailer at VDARE on Scandinavia here. His book seems to be arguing against people like Stephen Davies.

Now a rather different angle: a number of people in the Austrian camp look favorably on Axel Leijonhufvud as their kind of Keynesian. I never really ingested Post-Keynesian econ despite resources pointed out by others and myself. But no use in asking if there’s a Leijonhufvud (or Post-Walrasian econ generally) for dummies guide out there.