I started reading Capital Gains & Games because of Bruce Bartlett, whom I had more admiration for during the Bush years. The other contributions there tended to strike me as less interesting and because I wasn’t clicking “read more” I didn’t notice something earlier. Because I had been reading a bit of controversy over Raghuram Rajan I investigated further and found this comment from Patrick R. Sullivan pointing out that it’s the same Edmund Andrews best known for his personal financial incompetence despite being an economics reporter for the NYT. And yet he sees fit to denounce David Tarr, apparently mischaracterizing his paper in the process, as being part of “the Sarah Palinization of the financial crisis“. And of course he accuses him of racism as well. If that’s the ground you’re going to fight on, how about providing some data on the relative default rates of “low-income”/”non-white and immigrant” borrowers?

On an unrelated note, OrgTheory laments the plight of the middle-manager. Oh, Dilbert & Office Space, what have you wrought? I suppose radicals would respond that middle managers are guard labor, and they should feel bad (WARNING: as YWCIBAYSFB is gone, I had to link there to Encyclopedia Dramatica, which is one of the depraved pits of the internet).
UPDATE: Similar to the above, Kenneth Anderson (in a paper I haven’t read) argues that lawyers are right to be unhappy.