Even if he was posting at his own blog more often I know he wouldn’t bother copying this because of its irrelevance toward achieving persistence. But I think most readers would find it more provocative than most of the material I provide. I guess we can throw out the hypothesis that Noah Millman uses H.A as a pseudonym. The following is Hopefully Anonymous, I’ve only seen the first three movies on the graph:
I call bullshit (I haven’t seen the last airbender) on CW. His movies since the 6th sense have all been, in different ways, interesting failures. And I’d argue Unbreakable is a clearly superior film to 6th sense. He’s taken risks with each film, and has had innovative stylistic success with each. Plausible coherence (his big weakness post-Unbreakable) isn’t everything, and he should be forgiven aliens that can’t beat water, kids that can’t figure out they’re only a couple miles from civilization, the obviousness and silliness of a conspiracy of trees killing people, and the other stuff he’s widely mocked about.

He’s done something interesting and non-formulaic with each film. If The Last Airbender is just a bad movie, he can still feel proud with a body of work superior to quite a few more lauded, less adventurous directors/screenwriters.

He made quite a few movies without making the Matrix 3 and I consider him a superior intelligence to universally more lauded directors like the Coen Brothers and Ron Howard. I’d rank Shyamalan on his body of work above Spielberg and Scorcese but below John Carpenter and Paul Verhoven.