Googling for movie line I ended up electing not to include in a blog comment, I came across this AV Club list of things Woody Allen just doesn’t get (as revealed by his films). Commenter Indeer opined “Michael Bay is the opposite of Woody Allen. Woody Allen doesn’t understand anything about the human beings outside himself while Bay probably engages in zero introspection but has a strong grasp on what many, many other people are-and hence what they like.” I suppose it’s not too original an idea (haven’t there been a number of movies where some sort of man-child is hired by a big company because he/she/it knows in their gut “what the people want”?), but I don’t think I’ve had a post about it before. Michael Bay has become too much of a synecdoche for what people of taste (like “people of color” or of gender) dislike so I invite others who watch movies to give examples.

Compare also an anonymous commenter’s claim that Clint Eastwood’s “monkey movies” were some of his biggest commercial successes as well as Country of the Blind.