Even the scummiest and most interested of companies don’t buy political favors. And how voters are personally doing is much less correlated with their vote than how they think the country is doing. I don’t have links, but it was also reported in “Freakonomics” that campaign expenditures have little to do with the success of a candidate (as evidenced by self-funded wealthy candidates). John Lott reported in “Freedomnomics” that whether a legislator is retiring and needs to raise campaign funds has no detectable effect on how he actually votes. I forget though if he examined the possible influence of angling for a post-electoral career the lobbying interest groups.

You can find lots of graphs showing political contributions by corporations at Ideological Cartography. You can look up individual donations by employer at opensecrets.org

UPDATE: More from the monkey cage. Public concerns about the economy leads that of influential newspapers. Count this as a point against Mencius Moldbug and Mark Kleiman on the power of the fourth estate?
UPDATE 2: Income inequality does not seem to have much effect on perceptions of the economy either.