A while back at LessWrong someone cited the book “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”. Shockingly enough, it was published well after Barry Marshall proved that bacteria caused ulcers. It was responded that the scientific consensus is that stress is still a significant cause. I gave it no more thought until I came across an interview with Barry Marshall. He says there was never any good evidence that stress was a cause, and plenty that it makes no difference. Furthermore, he thinks there is scanty evidence for a variety of things attributed to stress. “Everything that’s supposedly caused by stress, I tell people there’s a Nobel Prize there if you find out the real cause.”

His thinking seems in line with Paul Ewald (and Greg Cochran). On that note, schizophrenia (whatever that is) may be caused by a pre-natal infection. Hat-tip to Jason Malloy’s feed at gnxp.