After reading this from Wilkinson in The Economist on Charles Murray and the “new elite” I sent an email to Will. I still haven’t gotten a reply, so I reproduce it below:
Charles Murray is not god-fearing‏
He’s an agnostic, though respectful of religion and attends Quaker meetings with his wife (who was an English professor at Rutgers when they met). They live in Frederick County Maryland, near Washington D.C (unless his wikipedia article is outdated). I’m not sure whether he’d actually deny being a member of the elite, nor do I believe he thinks the elite needs dethroning. From what I recall when his book on education was coming out he had some editorials on how we need to inculcate wisdom in our elite.

Dinesh D’Souza invited Murray as a witness in the “Religion on Trial” event, where Steve Landsburg argued the other side. You can check it out here.

I also sent an email in reply to this from Stephen Sniegoski. Nicholas Strakon says he’ll forward it along. I also reproduce it below.
Sniegoski complains about Rich Lowry proposing that we threaten to nuke Mecca in retaliation for a terrorist attack. He is of like mind with Adam Ozimek, who calls Tom Tancredo “crazy” for echoing the idea. But as pointed out in the comments section there, that is just the course of action that Thomas Schelling’s analysis of games would suggest. An optimal threat would actually even lead to fewer Muslims being killed than under Uncle Sam’s current strategy.

Looking through my outbox I see that I also sent a link to Mencius Moldbug on the superiority of monarchs to non-monarchial autocrats, which some readers here may also enjoy.