No, this is not about Russia again, but the longest running conflict in the world. The Indian home secretary claims that Naxalites want to establish a Marxist state, but what I didn’t realize before is that some of the territories they are most active in are already run at the state-level by the communist party. I say “the communist party” though there are who knows how many of them in India. The rebellion began with the faction now known as the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), named as such so as not to distinguish it from the (marxist-leninist) Communist Party of India (Marxist) (“the communist party” above), in turn named as such so as not to distinguish it from the now smaller (marxist) Communist Party of India.

As long as we’re talking India, a while back I linked to a free feature-length cartoon by Nina Paley called Sita Sings the Blues. It interleaves some autobiography with the Ramayana. Her version of the tale is revisionist in a feminist way by focusing on the ill-treatment of Sita by the great and noble ideal protagonist Rama. According to Wikipedia, there are also revisionists about the demonic antagonist king Ravana. Very devout man, er, thing, and anyway he was provoked when Rama cut off his sister’s nose. Didn’t hear about that bit from Rama-apologist Nina Paley. Or maybe I did and just forgot.