Tyler Cowen linked to an interview with Banerjee & Duflo a couple days ago, but I passed over it at the time, and only now that I’m going through my RSS feed have I decided to check it out. I just wanted to highlight a quote from part 1: “My interest in this question [what leads people to become entrepreneurs] came particularly from Scott Shane’s book The Illusions of Entrepreneurship where he points out that the best predictor of a person starting a business is whether they have a drug record. People with a drug record can’t get jobs so they start a business.”
If the name Scott Shane is familiar, it might be because I’ve linked this before.
UPDATE: Scott Shane replied that Tim Ogden got his claim wrong.

On a completely unrelated note, there has been discussion here on experiments in menu labeling and another study just came out, although if you try to go to the source only the abstract is in front of the paywall.