Just so I don’t have to repeat the stereotypes everybody knows, see Steve Sailer’s table of traits in Why Lesbians Aren’t Gay. Jeff Ely reports on research on how important looks are in assortive mating. It shouldn’t be surprising that there is a high correlation between the reported attractiveness of male and female partners (the sample was restricted to college students, so no old rich men with trophy wives). Going by Sailer’s generalization above (backed up by Michael Blowhard’s anecdotes), it shouldn’t even be surprising that the ruthless meat-market among gay men shows an even higher correlation. What I did find surprising is that the same higher correlation was found among lesbians.

On a not entirely related note, some lefties were commenting about Balko’s contribution to the freeing of Corey Maye (whose case I discussed here) and one mentioned a case they were working on that “has attracted only anarchist and other left-wing radical supporters”. I wouldn’t expect many people to get motivated by the pronoun used to refer to the defendant, so I’ll restrict my comments to the overall merits of the case. It annoys me that the defendant says the victim “ran into” a pair of scissors held for self-defense, that’s the sort of phrase one might use to mock the weak arguments of the guilty. If you’re going for a self-defense story, just stick with it. If it’s true that the victim had initiated the fight and smashed a bottle in the defendant’s face, then we can be sad some children will go fatherless but acknowledge that he decided to risk his life when he attacked. A note at the linked blog says not to discuss the merits of the case at all because the cops might make use of it, but a lot of the linked material there was about people involved in genuinely illegal activity trying to avoid getting caught and didn’t seem appropriate for a group trying to avoid pissing off officials and inviting retaliation.