So says an ex-cop. And what it allegedly pulled its punches on was police corruption.

On an unrelated note, this story of a man who could have shared a science Nobel, but wound up making $300 a week as a driver, brought back memories of my earlier musings on wasted potential before starting my current job. I’m certainly not doing anything ground-shaking, but a number of industry folks think our company is on the forefront of something big (which I am in now way responsible for) and I feel glad to be a doing a little bit to facilitate folks in that. I suppose I could be doing more for my employer, but right now I’m a lot more satisfied than I was before and occasionally learn new things that would be helpful in the broader job market. I’ve certainly got no problem having a boss (Will Wilkinson’s faint praise for David Ellerman’s heresy is enough for me to damn him as commie, though I honestly would have done that regardless). Going back to the scientist in discussion, some of my sympathy for him built up earlier in the article was depleted when it noted how many opportunities he turned down subsequent to the Nobel hubbub since he didn’t want handouts. It indicates a level of self-sabotage, though it does conclude with a decently happy ending.