I have a number of times linked to the late (he’s not dead, but was fired by Psychology Today) Satoshi Kanazawa’s post British newspapers make things up. Part of the humor from that comes from Kanazawa’s own low standards. Rereading the old post, I noticed one of Kanazawa’s (at-the-time) co-bloggers posted a reply, American magazines make things up. The magazine in question was the late Newsweek and the journalist was their unfortunately chosen science editor, Sharon Begley. Begley summarized a publication, on differences in jealousy by gender and attitude toward relationships, in a manner that was not only unsupported but contradicted by the paper. The blogger (Matthew Hudson) emailed her twice to point out the necessity of correcting her summary, but only got back a response that the statistics in the paper were hard to understand (the bar graph is actually very clear) and the article is still uncorrected on Newsweek’s site. Unlike British journalists who merely don’t care one white about accuracy, Hudson suspects that the ev-psych hater deliberately misreported the results, and I’d say the charge looks substantially stronger here than in the case of Stephen Jay Gould.