SG showed up in the comments to link to his blog. I responded to his specific concern, but elsewhere I found this amusing. Lawrence Auster was complaining about “drinking publicly from water bottles”. Is it a Leon Kass licking ice-cream thing? I suppose I am too young to remember a time when it was “unacceptably rude or low-class” rather than the mark of a yuppie who think he’s too good for tap-water. He also says “Western liberal people have become obsessed with having a constant supply of fluids. The idea must have spread among the politically correct that if you are not imbibing water every minute throughout the day, your free radicals might make you age prematurely or you’d get some dread disease.” That’s a completely separate issue from whether you drink water from a bottle or glass on CSPAN though.

Like SG I have a metal bottle (made in China!) I got from work, though I don’t carry it around and don’t feel like going into why I don’t use cups at home. Growing up my family did eventually purchase some plastic bottles, but we made sure to keep them around so they could be filled from the tap, at least until a dog chewed them up and a replacement was needed.