Eric Crampton reports that in New Zealand it is the Maori who are the most anti-immigration, particularly that of whites. Too bad for them there was no public polling during the heaviest migration years. I also wonder which other academics around the world have gone on the record like professor Margaret Mutu.

In an unrelated note, Henry Farrell sounded a bit like Hopefully Anonymous when he wrote “social life is a continual struggle between people with different kinds of cultural, economic and social capital over how different kinds of capital should be valued and exchanged. Thus, for example, when impoverished academics sneer at the ‘vulgar’ taste of rich people, they are semi-consciously trying to improve the exchange rate between the kind of cultural capital that they have lots of (‘good taste’ as they themselves define it) and the kind of economic capital that rich people have lots of (money)” and then applied the idea to geeks.