I gave a task to my readers and before I knew it Handle carried it out. I copy his findings below.
I accept the challenge, with a few throat-clearing disclaimers and caveats, of course. The first is obviously I’m searching in English. Second is the word problem, i.e., do I put in “America is” or “US is” or “United States is”? I decided to add up obvious synonymous national terms. The converse problem is when “China” is used for both PRoC and Taiwan, and same for Korea. I’m too lazy to worry too much about it.

Finally, a lot of search results are negative, so “it would be absurd to claim that China is a liberal Democracy” shows up as a result. And of course I’m sure there are various other Googleisms (I’m using the “About X results” number) which require special correction or attention and which I’m disregarding. Nevertheless, here we go, by order of declining population:

China: 6
India: 81,100
US: 632,000
Indonesia: 9
Brazil: 1,890
Nigeria: 0
Bangladesh: 2,060
Russia: 9
Mexico: 0
Philippines: 3
Vietnam: 2
Ethiopia: 0
Germany: 26,400
Egypt: 1 (forward-looking)
Iran: 2 (1 of which calls this “stupid”)
Turkey: 7
Thailand: 5
Congo: 0
France: 16,500
UK: 35,740
Italy: 4
South Africa: 22,700
Korea: 13,800
Myanmar: 0
Colombia: 2,010
Spain: 7
Ukraine: 0
Tanzania: 0
Argentina: 1

Ok, I think that’s enough. Some of the results make a lot of sense, some seem a bit .. suspect. Spain, Italy, and Mexico, for example. But there you have it. You’re welcome, internet.