Robert Trivers has an interview at Salon about his somewhat redundantly titled book “The Folly of Fools”. One of the last questions from the (gay) interviewer is on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, since part of Trivers’ book is on the relationship between being closeted and using condoms. Trivers says ““Don’t ask, don’t tell” was an immunological disaster”. That sounded odd to me, because even if it caused things to be worse than otherwise I was not under the impression that the magnitude of HIV infection in the military was that large. I did some googling and found this page which says “In the United States, the rate of HIV infection is lower in the military than in the general population — one to two people per 10,000 compared with 10 to 20 per 10,000”. I don’t know what the HIV rate in the military was before DADT, my guess is that it did not change much in response.