Amanda Marcotte in Slate argues that hardcore punk (at least archetypically) is left-wing, therefore Wade Michael Page was not hardcore. To me, that’s a no-true-Scotsman. Punk is a musical genre, and while some subsets of it like straight-edge have a more normative component, merely being hardcore just indicates the musical qualities. And more ironic than neo-nazi hardcore punks building on the legacy of the Bad Brains (at least they can agree on the gays) is that the skinhead subculture itself began with white Britons imitating Jamaican dock-workers, flocking to reggae acts like Symarip at dancehalls.

Title courtesy of a song by Kill the Man Who Questions, a band I think would have been right up Marcotte’s alley.

UPDATE: Check out Scott Galupo’s elaboration, with some citation of Crispin Sartwell.