I frequently get spammers who want to exchange links, so that was naturally my first assumption when I was emailed by Samuel Bowling from SingleHop in response to my most recent post (yeah, it’s several months old, I haven’t had anything worth blogging in that time), wanting to know if I would link to this namesake of the post you are currently reading. SingleHop is a provider of hosted infrastructure, so they presumably have both an interest and some knowledge about the topic. Reading their post, it actually does sound somewhat neutral rather than an example of advocacy, though my guess would be that they are in favor of neutrality regulations of some sort. When I asked Sam for further thoughts on my previous post he said that he agreed fostering competition between ISPs was particularly important (and that he enjoyed Tim Lee’s article). That was enough to satisfy me that he was a real person interested in what I’d had to say, so enjoy whatever readership boost results from my only sporadically active blog!