Via Robert Wright, whose Bloggingheads site has many episodes featuring him. Long time readers know I declared him my homeboy years ago, and said everyone in America should read “When Brute Force Fails: How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment”. I’m pretty sure I’ve also said something to the effect that Kleiman was the heir to James Q. Wilson, even if he was decidedly liberal while Wilson was a conservative (specifically, an old-school neo-conservative from back in the days when they focused on domestic/urban policy). I’m not sure who the heir to Kleiman is now, which really scuttles my plans for who to put in charge of drug policy after an uprising of bloggers (blogging still exists, right?) places me in charge. I suppose it reflects my ignorance to declare “We shall not see his like again”, but it can feel that way when a giant passes from the scene.

UPDATE: One of Kleiman’s co-bloggers at “The Reality Based Community” (which he founded), Keith Humphreys, responds here. Gabriel Rossman has a thread here on his interactions with Kleiman, starting with his obituary. Jacob Sullum has another obituary here. German Lopez has one at Vox, and Ed Kilgore at NYMag.

UPDATE 2: Harold Pollack, also a contributor to TRBC, has another obituary at The American Prospect.