August 2022

I first noticed that his twitter account was gone, not long after he’d previously been temporarily restricted. I was unaware until it was pointed out to me that he’d also deleted his blog, which makes it worth blogging about. There was good stuff at that blog, and even aside from linking at my own blog I’ve repeatedly referenced his “Getting Your Owl” in comments elsewhere. Twitter is relatively ephemeral, and there are people who regularly delete their own tweets, but blogs are another story and I’m saddened when blogs shut down (even worse if they disappear, so even the archives are inaccessible and old links are broken). Of course, chronicling the end of blogs constitutes the most common type of my most recent posts other than book reviews.

This review will be lackluster not only because Scott Alexander covered Joseph Henrich’s book so extensively it required five posts (one, two, three, four, five) but also because I was moving data including notes on the book back & forth between computers while reading and lost much of them in the process through carelessness. I still figure it’s better than nothing, for my own purposes at least.