I first heard about his death via Marginal Revolution, which just had it in a links roundup. I commented there about it, but refrained from posting here. I changed my mind after seeing that Ilya Somin at the Volokh Conspiracy had posted a longer remembrance (I checked if there was anything at 200 Proof Liberals, but their most recent post was in March). My former co-blogger Dain would be a better person to write about him than me. I wrote about Jeffrey and “post-libertarianism” a little in the early days of the blog, and while my memory has gotten a bit hazy that might have been what helped draw Dain in.

One of the reasons I hesitated in making a post is because I’d recently found (while expecting to add yet another link to my previous post) to my surprise that I didn’t do that when Henry Harpending died, but since I really only knew him via Greg Cochran and he seems to have been well known to cultural anthropologists perhaps it’s more fitting to note a more niche intellectual like Jeffrey (whom I’ve referring to by his given name not because we were ever on a first-name basis, but because of the existence of more prominent people with his surname) here.

UPDATE: I’ve been linking to Twitter reactions in the comments, but since David Henderson wrote an actual blog post he gets an update in my post instead.

UPDATE 2: Matthew Continetti pays tribute to him here.