Just recently the House Committee on Foreign Affairs approved a bill I’m sure you’ve had your attention focused on. Nancy Pelosi and some other California congress-critters with sizable Armenian-American constituencies pushed Congress to declare the events that took place in Anatolia from 1915-1917 a “genocide” perpetrated by the government of the Young Turks. President Bush has wisely opposed this because avoiding upsetting allied/friendly countries (especially muslim ones) is of the utmost importance in the global war on terror (much of the supplies for our troops in Iraq come through Turkey). Armenia on the other hand is a thoroughly corrupt and undemocratic country that cannot enforce any laws within its own borders, let alone have anything to offer a superpower like the United States. It is only because its crafty diaspora has pull with political figures in other societies (they are incapable of building a functional society of their own, so it is said “Armenians can make money anywhere in the world…except Armenia“) that this is an issue. For an ethnic group whose most famous member is Jack Kevorkian, I’d think it unwise to seek a political spotlight.

Ordinarily I have nothing but praise for him, but Daniel Larison has been spending more time on the subject than seems healthy, all the while viciously excoriating anyone expressing doubts about the Armenophilic group-think dogma as morally bankrupt hacks liars and collaborators (even as he declares that the idea of fellow citizens being collaborators with a foreign power is the tactic of paranoid hatemongers). Perhaps a friend of his should intervene on behalf of his mental health against the poison in his blood. Out of my hope that things are not as bad as they seem, I’ve been looking in his posts for a secret message (perhaps in the form of an acrostic) revealing that he’s just been playing an joke on his readers.

King of hip Chosen People websites Jewcy has been beating the drum on this issue, and even had a protest outside the offices of the Anti-Defamation League. They have had a beef with Abe Foxman for some time now, and this is merely an extension of it. From them I found a link to the blog noplacefordenial where you can watch videos of Massachusetts liberals spout their bleeding-heart claptrap about how we murder people all over again whenever we don’t buy into the cock-and-bull stories we’re being sold. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart did his typical smarmy schtick, but I have to admit I laughed at “halfocaust”. An unexpected find also at Jewcy was this, which discusses the possibly pivotal but undiscussed role of the crypto-jews of Turkey.

Even though I am sure they will catch plenty of flack from the thought-police, some sane commentary comes to us from Coming Anarchy and, surprisingly, Firedoglake.