Two of my favorite bloggers have put forward substantive posts (rather than merely promises to do so later) after a period of absence, on the same day. Creepy.

First is Chip Smith at the Hoover Hog. He introduces us to some music by an old friend of his (some of which Chip helped write), gives the story of how he met his wife and reminisces about his loser years before he lived high on the Hog in a manner that almost makes me look forward to my first shitty apartment. Second is Hopefully Anonymous, who gloats about breaking his promise to start posting more often. He also has a series of unusual ideas, such as redefining the word “size” in accordance with Richard Dawkins’ notion of an “extended phenotype” and according intelligence/agency to inanimate constructs or groupings of organisms, which is odd given his previous suggestion that some humans lack subjective consciousness. UPDATE: Just recently Kevin Carson roused from his slumber to respond to the most Carsonian post Jim Henley has yet made. UPDATE 2: The anti-natalism blog also has a new one and has added HA to his blogroll.

Another blogger I read occasionally who infrequently updates is M. Traven at Omniorthogonal, who I usually converse with in the comments of other sites. I’ve decided to add him to my blogroll. He’s rather normal compared to the others up there, which in a certain sense makes him the odd man out.

In completely unrelated news, via the Distributed Republic I find an animated version of the Communist Manifesto.