Bryan Caplan plugged his review of Expert Political Judgment by Philip Tetlock in it as well as Stephen Miller‘s “Conservatives and Liberals on Economics: Expected Differences, Surprising Similarities”. Miller provided a link to where you could view it with free registration. I found it annoying that it was all split up and I figure some people don’t feel like registering, so I compiled it all into one doc file.

Critical Review Volume 19 Issue 1.doc

For those of you who don’t like that format I’ve converted that file to pdf.

I’ve updated my old post with Thomas Sowell’s “Are Jews Generic” with a pdf version of that as well. For those that declined to check it out earlier, do so.

UPDATE: The online converter didn’t produce viewable pdfs and when I first tried using PDFCreator on the Critical Review document seriously screwed up by having some of the text printed over previously existing text. I got around that by changing the entire doc file to the same style and formatting, which isn’t quite as nice to read but is at least legible. Sowell’s piece had normal formatting from the beginning and so didn’t have any problems.

For some reason this one is still not working. I’ll try to fix it. For now you can find it at or if you use internet explorer and don’t mind downloading an accessory program you can access the pdf at

UPDATE 2: The website I was hosting the pdf at is deleting all its old files, and since I have a tripod site of my own I am now hosting it at