A recent discussion of IQ at this blog caused me to upwardly evaluate my estimation of my own. Viewing the chart at Assessment Psychology Online caused me to be dissatisfied with the job I was in. The programming language was abysmal, created in the 70s and only expected to last a couple years yet trudging on due to the caverns of legacy code too bothersome to replace with a worthwhile language. I was told by a manager that after five years of working there I would probably be unable to get a job anywhere else. Thinking on it for a while, the idea of dealing with that for the rest of my career seemed like a life sentence given as punishment for who-knows-what. By nature I am fond of routines and averse to change, so even if I posted this and the unanimous response was “GET OUT NOW” I might not have done anything in the near term, particularly with the economy having seen better days. Fortunately my employer made the decision for me by giving me the boot. Hopefully Anonymous has previously suggested that years from now a group of OB readers go for an econ phd at GMU under Robin Hanson, and while I don’t think I’ll do that anyone is invited to throw out crazy suggestions. One I’ve been thinking of is the Air Force, since my younger brother is in its ROTC program and seems to like it, they use lots of computers, it’s probably the safest of the military branches and the government is one of the few entities hiring counter-cyclically. It would probably hurt my cred among internet anarchists & the broader antiwar crowd, but I’ve never claimed to be principled. Hopefully it’d be through Officer Candidate School rather than as an enlisted airmen.

In the meantime, by popular request (coldequations asked for it) I have redone all the GSS analyses in the Being a Republican is not a better way to nail chicks post. I was planning on doing that before I started writing this post, so I treated it as an exception to my decision to refrain from blog-activity before doing some things on the looking-for-a-job front. It wasn’t a very effective commitment since I found ways to procrastinate by arguing about nationalism/patriotism & the civil rights movement at Wilkinson’s, the effectiveness of brutality in counter-insurgency at Larison’s, and HBD & economics at bloggingheads.